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I am a Computer Scientist with more than 15 years of international university education, some international certifications and research training, in the fields of Bioinformatics, Genomics, Healthcare Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Product Data Management and Software Engineering. I have over 10 years of experience for working with some high rated universities and non-profit institutions in USA and Europe (Germany, Austria and Sweden).

My research focuses on  "how can computers be well assimilated in life sciences ?", especially towards the implementation of new, user friendly, custom made, intelligent real time scientific software solutions for complex and large scale biological (e.g. Clinical, Genomics, Metabolomics, Spectral, GC-MS, NMR, LC-MS etc.) data (structured, unstructured, processed, pre-processed) analysis and experiments. So far, I have been heavily involved in the proposition and implementation of different scientific solutions with the involvement of different computational methods, bioinformatics principles, data analysis pipelines, statistical & mathematical algorithms, machine learning and data mining techniques. The most recent designed and developed scientific software solutions of mine are: MAV-seq, an interactive and robust platforms to manage sample repertoire and automate processes for the quality checking, pre-processing and analysis of Genomic; Match & Scratch Barcodes, a set of bioinformatics tools for the demultiplexing and extraction of target sequences from PacBio sequenced Amplicon Data; I-ATAC an interactive platform for ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin with high-throughput sequencing) data processing; Lipid-Pro, computational solution towards pharmaceutical biology for lipidome analysis; Ant-App-Database, smart phone application towards field studies on arthropod's behavior; LS-MIDA, computational solution to analyze distributed amount of isotopes in a compound by measuring intensities; Isotopo,  tool towards mass isotopomers distribution analysis; DroLIGHT, real time system towards the fields of neurobiology and photobiology for synchronizing the endogenous clock of animals; Ant-App-Database, smart phone application towards field studies on arthropod's behavior; GenomeVX for the understanding of Genome-wide comparative analyses of different human populations, and MSL, towards text and image mining from published Biomedical literature.

I am currently associated with The University of Connecticut Health Center (UConn Health), as the Clinical Information System Supervisor: Lead responsible for the development and optimization of a clinical information systems, for receiving and analyzing diverse clinical, diagnostic, fiscal, administrative, genomics, big data required for the promotion of practice transformation and for reporting results to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, "Practice Transformation Network Initiatives". Before joining Uconn Health, for around couple of years, I was associated with The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), Genomic Medicine, USA. JAX was founded in 1929 and it is a world class scientific, non-profit organization with 26 Nobel prizes associated/stemmed for research. My research projects at JAX were about dealing with the practical issues associated to the high throughput genomic data. I designed frameworks for the management of biological sample repertoires and the automation of the processes for the quality checking & analysis of NGS data, produced using various sequencing technologies e.g. Illumina, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore, 10xGeomics, Ion Torrent etc. I processed and analyzed diverse RNA-seq, WGS, WES, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq and PDX data. Before joining JAX; I was associated as the Postdoc Research Associate with the University of Massachusetts, Medical School (Top ranked public university in New England, ranked among World's top 100 medical universities and leading medical schools in USA). During my time at UMASS, I worked at the NIH Project (NIH-5R01GM095476-05), which was about analyzing and building intelligent data mining system for reducing the reproducibility and improving the hybrid search mechanism from the published biomedical literature, with the use of Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Document Analysis and Bioimaging technologies. Moreover, during my Postdoctoral research in US, I completed Postdoc CITI Research Training for Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel, Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research and Conflict of Interest Course at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, USA (ranked among top 50 institutions for NIH funding and research, and the Top ranked in Florida)

During my early career research; I did PhD (Doctor of Science) with Great Honor (Magna Cum Laude) and Postdoc Research in Bioinformatics at the Biocenter, University of Wuerzburg (UW) in direct collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Germany. UW and TUM are ranked among World class and best European universities for Biological Sciences, Top 25 oldest Universities of world and Top U15 German Universities with many Nobel laureates associated (14 at UW and 34 at TUM).  During my time at UW, I worked at the different research projects (CRC SFB 1047, CRC SFB Transregio 34 and SPP 1316), which were funded by the German Research Foundation. There, I got the honor to work for more than five years with some very senior and highly reputed professors of their fields including Prof Dr Thomas Dandekar (Bioinformatics), Prof Dr Charrlotte Foerster (Neurobiology), Prof Dr Wolfgang Roessler (Behavioral Research), Prof Dr Martin Mueller (Pharmaceutical Biology) and Prof Dr Wolfgang Eisenreich (Biochemistry). At UW, I worked in strong internal collaborations with the Department of Bioinformatics, Department of Neurobiology and Genetics, Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Department of Behavioural Physiology and Sociobiology, and also developed strong external collaborations with the Division of Microbiology at University of Osnabrueck Germany, Institute for Microbiology & the Department of Bioinformatics and Biochemistry at the Technical University Braunschweig Germany and the Center of Isotopologue Profiling at the Department of Biochemistry.

Before joining the fields of life sciences and medicine; I did doctoral research in the field of Machine Informatics at the Mechanical Engineering Informatics and Virtual Product Development Group, Institute of Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering,  Vienna University of Technology (TUV), Austria (ranked among World's top 100 Engineering & Technology and Computer Science Universities, and No. 1 Austrian Engineering University). During my time at TUV; the focus of my research was on the proposition of new Product Data Management (PDM) systems with user friendly graphical interface incorporating semantic oriented and natural language based search. Furthermore, I did Pre-Doc research in Data Mining and Measurement Analysis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Germany (Ranked 2nd best Applied Research Institute in the World and Best in Europe); Masters (MS) in Computer Science with major Intelligent Software Systems at the Blekinge Institute of Technology Sweden (best university in Sweden within sustainable development, 3rd best in Europe); Masters (MS) and Bachelors (BS) in Computer Science at the University of Central Punjab, Pakistan (ranked among "W4" national universities).

I have over 10 years of experience of working as individual and as team member with different multinational organizations with emphasis on software engineering of interdisciplinary user friendly systems (including artificially intelligent, embedded, data management, data mining, product line, semantic web, rich internet, natural language processing, agent based, robotics, compiler, mobile and tablet applications). I have worked for more than 4 years as Software Engineer with the professional software developing companies, provided services for more than 3 years to the engineering sciences and on job for last more than last 5 years with the life sciences' communities. I have more than 4 years' experience of teaching programming subjects as lecturer and supervising research thesis to [Master/Bachelor] students from different European universities (including Vienna University of Technology Austria, Technical University Sofia Bulgaria, Blekinge Institute of Technology Sweden and Stockholm University Sweden). Moreover, I am also involved as the external research and development supervisor to the some PhD thesis.

I have authored more 100 publications [only as the First/Last Author] in Informatics and Life Sciences, with well reputed publishers (including Oxford University Press, Oxford Journals, BioMed Central, Emerald, Willy, Frontiers, Faculty of 1000, IEEE, ACM, IOS Press, iConcept, Whittles, IADIA Press, INCF, NEDB, Springer etc.), in Journals, Books, Scientific Magazines, Conference and Workshop proceedings etc. I am serving as Editorial Board Member, Referee of some well reputed Journals and have been offered to be the Program Committee Member and Reviewer for some established International Conferences. I have been honored miscellaneous research awards at different occasion (including Early Career Scientist Award, Director's Award, Best Young Researcher, Best PhD Student, Best Conference Paper, Potential Conference Paper, Best Presenter, Best Editor, Memento, Grants, Funds, Distinguished Compliments and Nominations etc.). Moreover I have achieved some University Distinctions, accomplished some Programming contests victories, won some Talent Awards, obtained Top Positions in some exams and got some distinguished participation.

I believe in staying at ground, continuous learning, trying improving and performing at best.